Well folks, The Perfect Australian Lager is finally here. It’s done. We have it now. Why do we call it ‘perfect’? Well, as much as we’d like to take credit for this bold claim, like most things ARVO, that part was down to you. See, you told us what makes lager taste perfect and we figured out how to bottle it. Some people call this crowd brewing. Some call it sorcery. And while both may be true, we simply call it awesome (seriously, it’s like everybody’s kicked a goal). But don’t take our word for it, use the tool below to find ARVO and try this refreshing collaboration for yourself.



We started with a very simple mission: to find out what makes beer taste perfect and bottle it, thus creating The Perfect Australian Lager. But to do this, we needed people to share with us what they liked and didn’t like.
And share they did.


To collect the data we needed, we developed a Perfect Lager Project mobile app, which allowed people to tell us what beers they were drinking, how they were drinking them and how perfect the moment was. Over 100,000 data points were handed over to our master brewers, who set about working their magic.

ARVO 34 & ARVO 51

From the thousands of reviews, comments and suggestions we received, our master brewers whittled the options down to two potentially perfect lagers. With a clear battle for supremacy on our hands, we launched both beers and asked people to vote for the brew they most wanted to keep.


Once all the votes, comments, shares and likes were tallied up, we unveiled ARVO 51 as The Perfect Australian Lager. In keeping with our crowd-sourced ethos, we jazzed up its packaging to reflect what the Australian beer-drinking public wanted (nice job on that, by the way). It was a long journey, sure. But it was totally worth it.

Tasting Notes

This is a thirst quenching lager with subtle hoppy characters, a touch of fresh fruitiness and a finish as crisp as a glacial wind - just the ticket for those long, hot Aussie summers.

Australian malted barley and malted wheat combine with hops from New Zealand, Australia and the USA to create a crisp, refreshing taste like no other.

We could tell you exactly how these ingredients are combined but our brewers would prefer to keep that to themselves. Adds to their mystique, supposedly.